Will it help to get better erection if to change diet or not.

Every healthy man sooner or later is concerned about how to improve erection. In matters of love life, they are very vulnerable if they are something you cannot. And if come a day when a man does not get up the penis, he becomes confused. What to do?

To get started find out the reason. If you do the day before was a lot of stress or fatigue, had a sleepless night or have prolonged depression, you should not worry too much. Normally, an erection is returned immediately after the holiday, changing the environment, and other pleasant moments. If nothing has changed, then to carry out the improvement of erection, can turn to a psychologist. A specialist can help you let go of your resentments, fears and stress.
Also, wondering how to strengthen the erection, watch your diet. Fatty and unhealthy foods reduce the work of sexual function. As in this case, to enhance an erection? Avoid harmful food: fried, smoked food, semi-sweet sparkling water. Eat more fruits and vegetables, well-balanced, nutritious, but healthy food! Especially because the excess weight inhibits the function of sexual organs. There are numerous products that help to improve erections, such as oysters, trout, eggs, sour cream, bananas, dates, garlic, hot pepper, wine (1 glass of 1 per week).
Interesting fact: one physician recorded that a glass of beer a day improves the male process. During intercourse, the penis needs more oxygen, so that it needs vitamin E. It is in such products: bread, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, lamb. If the body is unable to supply this vitamin, that due to lack of oxygen your penis will simply refuse to function.
If none of the methods does help you to improve erection, then you should see a specialist. It will help you determine which medicines can help you. Do you need a tablet from a neurological disorder or a hormonal failure? But keep in mind that drugs such as Viagra, are effective only up to 75% or more of all betray a confidence! Doctors also recommend medications such as Cialis, speaker, vardenafil. Yet their intracavernous injections – it pricks, which are made directly into the penis before intercourse. But there are a number of contraindications, which should be available. Moreover, they cannot be used more than one time per week.
Please note, any medications you are taking.
Whether you choose to treat any pills that block the nerve endings. For example, tablets diphenhydramine cannot be eaten for more than a week. So when the doctor prescribes you some medication, ask him sure whether he will cause erectile dysfunction.
The reason is in the fact that most men are afraid of what sex partner can get pregnant that does not wish to use a condom. Since many believe that this contraceptive prevents them from even distracting. Therefore, the only one that thought virility somewhere disappears. How, then, to strengthen an erection? Solve this question with your companion, arrange to use some other methods of contraception.
Avoid injuries and diseases such as hip fracture, diabetes, blood pressure, varicose veins. In the presence of such diseases, consult with your doctor and take necessary measures, because all these diseases affect the function of the penis.