Why even young and healthy man can face the problem of ED.

Erection problems – this is what bothers the man in almost all periods of their life. There is no any surprise because it is in fact reflection of the overall health. Numerous problems arise for various reasons: stress, fatigue, illness or lack of basic daily exercise. We consider that such an erection, and what should be afraid of man.

How does an erection, and why the “system” sometimes fails? In the “guilty” three anatomical and physiological components: the three bodies, blood supply, innervation.
Three bodies. A strong erection is always limited; the penis is able to grow only up to certain limits prescribed by nature. The role of the «stops» performs fascia penis and durable shell erectile bodies.
The inflow of blood. Due to the work of the heart muscle blood flow to the penis occurs, so if there is no high-quality men’s “stand”, you can suspect the presence of heart problems.
The erection in men is similar to the simple everyday occurrence – inflating car tires to the elasticity. In the “sleep” circulates the blood in the penis slightly, as always erect penis would have delivered enormous inconvenience to the owner.
Erection problems (ED) are most often caused by organic and psychogenic factors. Usually recorded organic (80% of cases) deviations due to long flowing chronic diseases (prostatitis) or after any surgical interventions on the genitals.

In men who have stepped over the half-century mark, with erection problems begin already at the physical layer:
natural changes in the vascular system;
neurological problems;
age-related changes in the structure of the penis and the surrounding tissues;
hormonal changes;
a side effect of many drugs;
alcohol intake, smoking.

Pain and discomfort during erection by sexual games, in general, may be due to depression, stress, anxiety. Men who do not have health problems and younger than 40 years, ED occurs for purely psychological reasons:
erection problems against the background of thinking about marriage;
relationship problems;
troubles in private life after birth.

On the other hand, there is one more quite serious problem – abnormal long erection. For some man, it may seem quite attractive, but in fact, it is quite a big problem, which may lead to the fact, that the partner will not feel comfortable in the bed. So such condition of health may need the interaction of the doctor.

Truly arises (abnormal) long erection occurs during sleep, and for no apparent reason – a man begins to experience pain, which occurs hours after the onset of stimulation. Sexual contact does not bring relief, but rather intensifies the pain, as ejaculation or not. It makes no sense and does physical exercises.

This constant erection requires immediate consultation with an andrologist, a surgeon or urologist, and complex treatment. There is no need to delay the solution of the problem: it can be fraught with serious complications in another body as a whole.