Which rules must be followed to get the best effect from Viagra.

Viagra and its alternatives are well-known to a lot of people. But not everybody knows that In addition to problems with potency, the drug helps with other equally serious problems, such as infertility or prostatitis. But in this case, the drug needs to drink more than one occasion, when the situation requires it, and pass them exactly complex therapy.
The main ingredient of the drug Sildenafil affects the full production of male hormones, namely testosterone, which means that the drug can be used for another purpose – to improve the quality of sperm. You may use the Generic Viagra at any age because the potency problems can relate to as a young boy and an adult man. However, the dosage, in this case, is slightly different.
The drug is available in the form of tablets, they are covered with the top shell dense, slightly sweet taste and having a blue color. One tablet is 100 g of active substance, and this is considered the maximum dose per day, and it may take up to 70 years old people. Taking the drug more than once a day is prohibited, every pill you must drink plenty of cool water.
For 15 minutes before your sexual intercourse will take place presumably distracting and drink preparation. But please note that this is not a stimulant and an erection if you are not in an excited state, the tablet simply will not work. So after drunk the medicine, go to the Prelude and try as much as possible to be excited.
In the treatment of drug over a long period of time will be marked by significant improvements erectile dysfunction will return to normal, the duration of sex will increase.
Men who are over the age of 60 years, to be calculated individually dosage, and to do this must only doctor. The thing is that the body of an old man no longer has its former strength, many systems are slower, and so output the medicine from the body will be much longer.
This will lead to the fact that the composition of the drug will be continuously circulated in the blood is much longer than in men under 60 years old.
In the case of kidney disease in a patient, the need to somehow adjust the dosage, is not, and can take the drug exactly as described in the attached instructions.
The drug Generic Viagra has a lot of contraindications. Do not take the medication without first consulting with your doctor, because the body can react in different ways, and the man simply cannot understand why it happened. This is especially true of people in middle age, because, in this period, the body can develop many diseases which are not always compatible with the drug.

So Contraindications include the following:
The body has a male individual intolerance to any component, part of the Viagra.
There are chronic diseases of the heart or blood vessels.
The man observed renal failure.
The retina has a genetic pathology.
Inflammatory processes in the penis, as well as organ injury or congenital deformity.