What are the main reasons of problems in the bed?

Problems in bed with a man may arise as at the beginning of the relationship, and a few years after the start of an active sex life. Mostly people think that such problems appear because of erectile dysfunction, but it’s not true. There is a wide range of problems, which may cause problems in the bed.
From intimate problems, the plan is not insured even couples who have lived side by side for many years. Regardless of when there was discord in the intima, you must correctly identify its causes and ways of elimination. Today we will talk about how to cope with problems in bed with a guy when you can understand the loved and forgiven his mistakes, and when to resort to more drastic action and break the relationship.

Problems in bed with the guy certainly occur if at least one partner does not feel any emotion about their halves. If cooled feelings guy, the girl may feel unnecessary, and in some cases – used. In any case, remember the saying: love cannot be. Indulge in all sorts of tricks to keep the guy, do not. Take care primarily about themselves: their emotional and sexual
Sexual selfishness may be inherent in both women and men, although it is often the strongest representatives of humanity show a remarkable audacity to care only about their own feelings during sex.
And there’s nothing funny here. People really cannot approach each other in anatomy. Most often, discomfort, in this case, the woman is experiencing. So, a man with too much dignity during the frictions may hurt her, while a man with a small member – does not bring long-awaited sensations.
Intimate life – it is the knowledge of his partner and his erogenous zones. It is important that both the man and the woman possessed the theoretical knowledge and improve their practical skills during intimacy.
Problems in bed with a guy may arise by reason of his age immaturity. If the girl also did not have sufficient experience, then consider that your pair of lucky. After all, together you will be able to learn the basics of sex and implement them in practice.
If you are having trouble with a guy in bed, it is necessary to ask a loved one about his past experiences. Perhaps at one time it was unable to satisfy his partner; he experienced pain and suffered ridicule. Fearing a repeat of mistakes, he can behave stiffly and correctly during sex with a partner present.
Complexes generate stiffness, and since it is assumed that in sex the man should be initiative, understand the feelings of a woman who constantly have to take all that relates to sex in their hands.
Problems with the guy in bed may occur temporarily due to mood swings, depression, apathy, or troubles at work. Often they refuse to have sex as women during hormonal changes in the body: pregnancy or premenstrual syndrome.
Psychology – a delicate matter. Disorders can be like a man and a woman, and their presence is often associated with the tense situation in the pair. Quarrels and resentment may affect the sexual life, so be vigilant.
More often than “just” do not want to, of course, women. But both men could face the moment when more interesting to play another computer game, rather than surrender to love. By the way, is often a reluctance to male sex is associated with laziness.