What are the main reasons of male problems in the bed and how to fight with them.

Complete or partial lack of potency may occur due to frequent stresses and worries. The function of the nervous system is disrupted, thereby suffer many systems. In addition, influences and lifestyle, drugs, alcohol and so on. And, unfortunately, young people simply do not understand what it is and do not realize the seriousness of the situation.
But over the years things change, the body gets older; health weakens and can appear weak potency. Resign them to this situation, perhaps, not worth it, no matter how old you are – 30 or 60. You just have to pull yourself together and do it today is much easier than, for example, 20 years ago. Generic Viagra – is a truly unique tool that can completely rid you of the problem.
For the first time, the drug was released after numerous experiments. Only after scientists were sure that the drug is 100% safe for the human body and does not bring anything but harm, he appeared on the shelves of pharmacies. Today it can buy absolutely everyone, any special recommendations of the physician is not required, except that the regular consultation.
Under the influence of drug erection it improved. Be sure to remember that the effect of the drug ends after about 5 hours. So before you drink it, certainly better read the instructions.
Because of this you will be guided, and know how it works, and most importantly how much. Having sex can be completely calm and not worry about what an erection suddenly weakened.
Remember that no matter what the drug was not to accept it without studying the manual and consult with a doctor, it is not necessary. Even despite the fact that Generic Viagra is a safe drug, previously better acquainted with all the rules.
The only active substance, which is part of the drug – sildenafil. This kind of a chemical compound that is an inhibitor of the enzyme, otherwise known in Medicine as a phosphodiesterase – 5.
For other associated components can talk endlessly and essentially pointless, since each manufacturer has different views and opinions on what components need to be combined with the main active ingredient.
Available in tablets in different forms, from round to oval, but also with round edges. It sold the drug or packaged into blisters or in small plastic jars. The active substance, which is part of the drug contained in different doses from 25 mg to 100 mg.
The drug Generic Viagra is appointed for men in violation of erectile dysfunction. Such a condition occurs when men are unable to get aroused, the erection is completely absent, or there, but not strong, and therefore cannot fully perform sexual intercourse.
The first symptoms, which should pay attention to a representative of the stronger sex – is premature ejaculation. After a minute or two after sexual intercourse began, a man gets an orgasm and ejaculation occurs as a consequence. Of course, this condition is not satisfied either men or women, hence the psychological discomfort, stiffness in bed and stuff.