Sexual Life of Men after Their Forties: No Reason to Fear.

Although men are considered the stronger sex, in everything relating intimate life they are more vulnerable than women. No wonder that the issue of lowering of sex power connected with aging becomes a touchy issue for them. The age of forty is often perceived as a kind of landmark, after which a man is not young anymore. It cannot but frustrate men, making them nervous and causing stress verging on depression. But for the most part, their fears are groundless. What real changes are waiting for men after forty, and is everything really so depressing as we expect?

Fact 1. A forty-year-old man (and older) usually needs more stimulation to get aroused, than a twenty-year-old one. For a young man, it’s often enough to see the object of their passion or just think of her. They often experience spontaneous erections and are able to make sex at any time of a day. An older man needs direct sexual stimulation in the form of hugs, kisses and so on. It’s neither bad nor good. It’s just a fact.

Fact 2. Erection is not so firm as before. Though it’s not always true, very often men after forty have a weaker erection. In fact, it doesn’t prevent them from making sex and getting satisfaction. The penis shouldn’t/t be fully erected for successful penetration. And the pleasure for the man himself is not less with a weaker erection.

Fact 3. The break between two sexual acts increases. Yes, it’s usually so. A forty-year-old man is unlikely to have 5 or 6 sexual intercourses over a night, as it happens with twenty-year-olds. But, from the other hand, he usually doesn’t need it. At this age men usually give more attention to the quality of sex, not the number of acts and partners.

Fact 4. A forty-year-old man needs more time to get to orgasm. He won’t ejaculate in two minutes after the beginning. In most cases, it is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Women more often complain too short intercourses, not too long. It’s great when a man wants long and passionate foreplay as much as his woman. The longer the process lasts, the more pleasure both partners get.

Of course, all these changes don’t happen over a night. They usually very gradual, and differ greatly in different men depending on their lifestyle, overall health, temper and so on. And many men manage to preserve their sexual power till old age.

Nevertheless, sometimes men don’t want to put up with these age changes. But if some decades ago the medicine could not confront age changes, today new progressive drugs have appeared. You have probably heard of Viagra – an effective stimulator for erection. Sildenafil, which is the main ingredient of this drug, intensifies the natural process of sexual arousal, making erection stronger and longer. So, if you want to feel young again, it’s not a problem nowadays. Viagra helps men in over 80 percent of cases and helps them to overcome age changes in their organisms quickly, effectively and reliably.