Sex Life: Natural and Pharmacological Boosters of Erection.

Nowadays stresses have become an integral part of our life. Excessive physical exertions, bad habits, non-balanced nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle in all its aspects are the main reasons that have a negative effect on the men’s health and potency, which is one of the main indicators of the overall health.

To improve the physical and psychological condition, in this case, it necessary to eliminate the reason or a range of factors that negatively influence erection. If there are no other ways, one has to use one of the drugs or natural stimulators for the erection improvement. But how to choose, what suits you best?

Natural Stimulators

Some food products contain natural stimulators of potency and can be successfully used for the prevention of erectile dysfunction. For example, people have always known that nuts are a great source of men’s power. Pistachio, peanuts, almond, hazelnut and walnuts are tasty and very useful food.

Also, natural stimulators are all types of seafood – fish, shrimps, mussels, oysters. The most useful sorts of fish are salmon and flat fish. In general, all natural protein food has a positive effect on potency. No wonder that animal has always been considered “male” food. And quite naturally, the main course always includes meat dishes. Beef, chicken and not fat pork are rather useful for men’s power. And meat with certain types of spices has a double effect. The leaders among fruit are all kinds of citrus, fig, and pomegranate. And don’t forget about eggs, mushrooms and honey – the source of natural power.

In turn, the enemies of a good erection are, without the doubt, alcohol, fast food and refined food containing many empty calories and no useful substances. If a man overcomes a stress with the help of alcohol, it’s a double strike to his erection. And in the modern world, it is not uncommon. The enemy number one is beer, which is often considered less harmful than strong drinks. However, beer not only causes sexual disorders but influences hormone balance.

When Nature Comes Up Short

It happens sometimes that natural means alone are not enough to resolve the problem of erection. In this case, it’s time to consider the tools offered by pharmaceutical industry. Of course, before buying tablets or other drugs, it’s recommended to have a medical consultation and get a prescription.

The most effective and well-known medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction became known all over the world thanks to the advertisement. And the most famous one is, of course, Viagra as well as its generics having a similar effect. An obvious advantage of Viagra is that it improves the quality of erection in 80 percent of cases irrespective of the reason of disorder. The effect of this drug is based on the effect of sildenafil – its main active ingredient, which intensifies the blood flow to the penis. Thanks to this penis are filled up with blood when a man gets sexually aroused, providing a stronger, longer and firmer erection.