Sexual Abstinence in Men and Its Effect on the State of Health.

From time to time many men have to experience sexual abstinence. The reasons for this can be different: no permanent partner, diseases, long trips, military service and so on. Some men take “celibacy” in their stride, while others suffer greatly. Is a long abstinence dangerous for health? Doctors say that it can cause a range of consequences in men, especially if the man has a strong sexual function. These consequences are the following:

Nervous Disorders

Depression, neuroses, nervous breakdowns. Sexual abstinence often causes nervous disorders of this kind. A man feels depressed, suffers from sleep disorders, insomnia. Also, this can become a reason for sexual disorders, such as premature ejaculation, fear of failure and, finally, fear of sex. The self-confidence of the man decreases, he doesn’t believe in his power. As a result, he refuses from sex even when there is an opportunity. The solution for this can be taking of Viagra, which effectively improves the quality of erection making the man fell more self-confident.

Prostate Disorders

One more consequence of long sexual abstinence can be congestion prostatitis. Sexologists say that frequent ejaculations are a great way of prostatitis prevention, as the prostate is cleaned out regularly. So, regular sex contributes to the health of the prostate.

Deterioration of Sperm Quality

Specialists say that long sexual abstinence can become a reason for sperm congestion, and, consequently, deterioration of its quality. Sperm cells become less active. If a man wants to conceive a child, he is recommended to be sexually active for some time, while sexual abstinence shouldn’t exceed two days.

Lack of oxygen

Though it is a disputable statement, some health specialists say that as a result of abstinence the penis doesn’t get enough oxygen. In the process of erection, the penis is filled up with blood, which transports oxygen. Sexual abstinence causes lack of oxygen and this, in turn, leads to plaque build-up.

Apart from all the things mentioned, sex provides a necessary load to all inner organs and systems of the body. It launches the process of an improved blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the overall state of health. Lack of sex, in its turn, has a negative effect on the overall condition, though sexologists have no a single position concerning the degree of this effect. In general, men with a strong sexual function need more sex, and those with a weaker sexual function need it less or do not need at all.

One more problem of sexual abstinence is that after a long break a man commonly feels not very comfortable. He doesn’t believe in his power and is afraid of premature ejaculation or too weak erection, which can really occur. To cope with this problems sexologists recommend use a pill of Viagra (maybe a small dose for a start), which gives confidence and provides improved erection for an entire night. Its effect lasts up to 6 hours.