Prevention of Erectile Dysfunction: Healthy Life for Healthy Sex.

The words “erectile dysfunction” sound terrible for a man’s ear. Even the thought of possible disorders in this deeply intimate sphere is frustrating. The vast majority of men irrespective of age strongly believe that the quality of their sexual life determines the quality of life in general. And in many respects they are right. Those ones who have a regular and satisfying sexual life are less vulnerable to many diseases, have the lower risk of depression, more rarely have heart attacks and strokes, and finally, live longer. That’s why, loss of sexual power is usually perceived as the end of real, full-fledged life. What should a healthy man do to prevent sexual disorders and minimize the risk of erectile dysfunction?

Rule 1. Smoking, alcohol, and drugs are killers of erection. Though young men often ignore this rule, when they grow older, their bad habits make themselves felt. Tobacco and alcohol affect blood vessels making them clotted. And the quality of erection greatly depends on the condition of vessels. The changes in the organism are gradual, so, often men think that everything is JR, until one day they face erectile dysfunction that requires treatment.

Rule 2. Think what you eat! Obesity is the second enemy of erection. First, overweight people usually have a lower sex drive. They just don’t want sex, because it requires energy, and they lack this energy. Second, they often suffer from hormone imbalance. Lowered testosterone level again lowers sex drive and the quality of erection.

Rule 3. Go on moving. Sedentary way of life, stuffy offices, computers, TV are also enemies of erection, especially if they are accompanied by fast food and beer. The fact is that lack of movement causes a congestive phenomenon in the pelvic organs. And problems with blood circulation inevitably cause problems with erection.

Rule 4. Regular sex. Scientists proved that those men who are happily married or have one permanent partner have the lower risk of erectile dysfunction. Regular sex is much better than one-night stands with different partners. Besides, married men are more satisfied with life in general.

To sum it up, if you want to preserve your sexual health for many years, you have to care about your health, making a solid foundation for it. Although it may sound a little bit boring, the best methods for healthy sexual life are healthy eating, physical activity, no bad habits and a regular partner.

But what to do if, in spite of all your efforts, one day you faced erectile dysfunction? In any case, there is no reason for panic. Fortunately, modern medicines can offer effective and progressive drugs that let cope with this frustrating issue. The most famous drug of this kind is Viagra, which effectively eliminates all the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, making you feel as healthy as ever. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care of your health anymore. Keep in mind that prevention is the best treatment. And for other cases there is Viagra.