Medicine ways to improve men health and get better erection.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many reasons, but in 90% of cases, their appearance is caused by psychological factors and unhealthy lifestyle. Pathology contributes to impotence in only 10% of cases. Thus, the solution to most problems of a sexual nature depends on the actions that men can take even without the help of a doctor. An integrated approach is in getting rid of stress and bad habits, diet revision and compliance of sleep and rest, the use of folk remedies and exercise.
Also, do not artificially increase the potency, if there are signs of urogenital diseases or other abnormalities of the genitals. The most popular means to strengthen and prolong an erection are Viagra (also known as sildenafil), Cialis and Levitra. Viagra – the most famous of drugs that increase sexual desire and virility. After receiving the drug dilates the arterial openings, increasing blood flow to the manhood. Viagra fixes erectile dysfunction due to organic causes.
Popular medical methods, which help to get sexual arousal in men, are absolutely available today. And a big plus is that for their work there must be the object of attractiveness. If sexual attraction to your partner there, the drug will not work. Cialis – is another popular drug, the principle of action is similar to Viagra. However, if we compare these tools, Cialis has the stronger properties and the effect of it lasts longer. The drug will provide a stable erection during sexual arousal a natural man. Levitra – the most powerful tool of those surveyed. Drinking alcohol and fatty food does not affect the result after taking Levitra. The duration of action is also longer than the effect of using Viagra and Cialis. Described drugs are relatively safe, however, their use in some cases cause dizziness, weakness, headache, diarrhea and incoordination. It is worth noting that the described side effects are extremely rare, and if the dosage is not broken, the probability of their occurrence is minimal.
Folk remedies help men restore and maintain your sexual potential long. The combination of certain products, the mixture of herbs and healing treatments have helped to strengthen the erection of many generations of men. The use of these recipes does not require significant financial costs and a lot of effort. Regularity and a positive attitude – the main components of success in the fight against impaired erectile function traditional methods.
Sexual weakness in men may be caused by an unbalanced diet. Food, abundantly flavored fats and chemical additives, it dulls sexual arousal and promotes the accumulation of excess kilos. In order to improve erection, the person needs to change their eating habits. Abandoning harmful to the potency of products and include in your diet foods that contribute to the improvement of erectile function, can greatly improve the quality of their sex life.
The weakening of erection can occur due to inactivity. When a man spends most of the day in a sitting position (at work, watching television, driving a car), the blood flow to his penis is delayed and it will negatively display on the quality and duration of erection.