Lifestyle and Sexual Health in Questions and Answers.

According to statistics, 15 percent of men at the age of forty face certain disorders in the sexual sphere. By the age of seventy, the figure is 45 percent. This disappointing data as well as the lack of information cause neuroses and depression in men. But in fact, everything is not so bad. Modern medicine can cope with almost any problems. Let’s see, what most men worry about, and what the answers to their questions are.

• Does erectile dysfunction have psychological nature? – In fact, the reasons for this disorder can be different. But 60 percent of men really suffer from psychological problems, not physiological, to be more corrected– socio-psychological. Sexual life much depends on living conditions, on the relation of his partner to sex. Many couples today have no their own apartments and have to live with their relatives, which, of course, worsens the situation.
• How does a man’s lifestyle influence his sexual health? – Frequent stresses, poor ecology, and sedentary style of life, working at the computer – all this affects normal blood circulation in pelvic organs and becomes a cause of erectile dysfunction. Scientist proved that hours-long sitting by a computer influences the central nervous system and endocrine organs. As a result, sexual health also suffers. Add heavy food in the evening, drinking and smoking and get a full range of erection killers. Everything is simple: think what and when you eat, be sexually active, don’t smoke and be sexually healthy.
• Does the regularity of sex matter? – In general, there are no single recommendations concerning an optimal frequency of sex. All people are different, and for one man once a week is more than enough, while another needs sex three times a day. But complete abstinence, of course, is dangerous for a healthy man, as well as uncontrolled sexual behavior. Ideally, sex should be regular, at a comfortable for a couple pace. The so-called “weekend sex”, when all the week both partners are too busy or tired, is not very good.
• At what age are men recommended to check various aspects of their sexual health and/or consult a specialist. – As the years go by, many men assume androgenic deficiency or decreasing of testosterone level. The result is usually decreasing of sex drive and sexual function disorders. At the same erectile disorders can be a signal of more serious conditions, for example, the heart of vessels problems. After the age of forty, all men should visit their urologist even if they don’t have any serious problems.
• Does Viagra solve most sexual problems? – Of course, Viagra is an effective drug, which improves the quality of erection and sex in general. Thanks to it, millions of men worldwide managed to forget about erectile dysfunction and come back to normal sexual life. However, you should not always rely on drugs. The treatment should be complex, and sometimes it is more important to eliminate the cause of disorders than the consequences.