Improving Erection: More, Longer, Higher, and Stronger.

When a man is full of energy and vitality and doesn’t complain an essential integral part of sex – strong and long-lasting erection, – all the rest intimate problems are easily manageable. However, with the course of time, a general state of health changes, and various disorders in the body cause disorders with the erection. This is usually called erectile dysfunction. It’s difficult to say, how many medicines, tablets, health supplements, exercises, ointments, injections and other mans have been invented and tested to overcome this delicate issue! How many gossips have been aroused around this topic! From time to time new “sensations” and “revolutionary drugs” appear. But the reasons for erectile dysfunction can be different, and one drug couldn’t help in every separate case. Every drug has its indications and contraindications, advantages and disadvantages. Some of “revolutionary” drugs often turn out not just ineffective, but even dangerous. But there are some safe and reliable ways to prevent and overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction. Let’s see, what they are:

• Things that normalize the state of health in general: training, physical conditioning, multivitamins, small doses of stimulators, timely addressing chronic diseases. A healthy lifestyle, in general, improves the overall condition, prevents numerous disorders, which could cause erectile dysfunction, Physical activity makes the body stronger and tougher, improves blood circulation, and prevents blood clots and heart problems. But of course, these measures are good only as prevention, not as treatment.
• Sex therapy in a couple. Sometimes problems with erection have a purely psychological nature. They can be caused by lack of mutual understanding or inadequate sexual behavior of one or both partners. Sex therapy includes consultations with a sexologist or/and a psychologist and training. The partners make special exercises, learn how to understand themselves and one another, try to feel and realize their desires. Such therapy can be an effective tool in ED treatment if you find a qualified specialist, who really can reveal your problems and propose an adequate solution.
• Psychotherapy. This includes more than just consultations and exercises. Psychotherapy is a deep mental interference of a qualified specialist, sometimes with the help of hypnosis. It allows reveal and eliminates hidden and deep causes of behavioral problems.
• Medication therapy. Here one should be rather cautious because many drugs are a double-edged weapon. For example, hormone therapy can give a very good effect in the beginning, but it can cause addiction and prevent the production of own hormones. The same can be said about many “revolutionary” medicines, most of which have severe side effects. The only really revolutionary drug was discovered in early 1990-es. It was sildenafil, the main ingredient of Viagra. This is the safest drug for RD treatment with the proved effectiveness.