How to Strengthen Erection: Only Safe and Proven Methods.

Erection is the Issue number one, which millions of men all over the world are concerned of. Speaking about erection, most men usually mean not just a physical condition, but a psychological state as wee, because there two conditions are inextricably connected. In fact, disorders related to erection may occur for a great variety of reasons: stress, diseases, problems at work, tension in relationships and so on. Our life is full of problems, and sooner or later almost every man faces disorders of erectile function of different degree. Sometimes, even an absolutely healthy man can experience erectile dysfunction. It can happen, for example, if he drank some alcohol, or is too tired, or took some medicines.

As a rule, it is possible to make love even if the erection is weak. It will not prevent a man from feeling aroused as well as from climax and sexual satisfaction. But to some extent, a weak erection doesn’t give such a full pleasure as a strong erection.

How to Define a Problem?

To understand if you really have problems with erection, it’s enough to answer some simple questions:

• Do you have an erection in the morning or at night, when you wake up?
• Can you have a sexual intercourse with your partner in case of the morning (or night) erection?
• Can you have an erection when there is no partner around?
If your answers are mostly “yes”, you don’t have any physiological disorders, and your problems have a psychological nature.

Some Proven Receipts for Strengthening Erection
• Exercises for your body. Doctors recommend doing some simple exercises including walking, swimming etc. Physical activity stimulates blood circulation, which, in turn, helps improve erection.
• Sex in the morning. In the morning hormones in a man’s organism are produced more actively. Besides, both partners are refreshed after the night sleep, they don’t concentrate on their problems, as it often happens in the evening. Finally, morning sex gives an impulse of energy and good mood for the whole day.
• Walking barefoot. Though strange it can sound, in fact, on the men’s feet, there are many points that are responsible for sexual drive and arousal. Their stimulation has a positive effect to erection.
• Contrast shower. Yes, it’s no secret that contrast shower improves blood circulation and trains blood vessels. And using hot and cold water for hydro massage of your pelvic surface will intensify circulation in the penis.
• Regular sex. It’s one of the most pleasant drugs without side effects. Scientists proved that regular sex strengthens the muscles, which are responsible for erection.
• Modern drugs for strengthening an erection. Viagra, which is a safe and progressive drug for improving erection, will help you avoid failure in a special situation, for example, when you are too nervous or tired or don’t feel confident. This drug works mildly, but effectively, resolving problems with erection irrespective of their reasons. The result is a longer and stronger erection for deeper satisfaction.