Active ways of spending time for getting healthy sexual life.

How to improve blood flow to the genitals? Assist sessions at the gym, swimming, dancing, morning exercise, jogging, playing football, cycling, walking. Every man can choose the type of physical activity that is best suited to his temperament. With loads of sports it is very important to keep a reasonable measure, otherwise, they will lead to a fascination with physical fatigue and to an even greater decrease in potency. Regular physical activity has to be a person under the force. It prevents stagnation of blood in the genitals of men and contributes to the improvement of erection.
Fans drink do not hurt to know that the frequent use of alcohol inhibits the erectile function by destroying the nerve endings in the sexual organs. Small doses of alcohol stimulant effect on a man, let him relax and be liberated. But if you take alcoholic drinks often and in large quantities, then sexual desire in humans will begin to wear off, and his masculine strength will weaken. The only strong drinks that enhance erections are quality red wine and dark beer a natural, adopted before intimacy in minimal doses. They cause the blood flow to the penis and increase the libido. But if the couple is planning to conceive a child, then used as a means to increase sexual power men alcohol is not necessary.
Modern men are too busy to normal sleep. They often linger at work until late at night and paying the price decline in potency. To maintain a normal erection person needs to sleep about 8 hours a day. When violations of erectile function sleep duration should be increased to 10 hours. Complete rest promotes the production of testosterone, without which the full activity of the sexual system is impossible.
To improve erections, regardless of what factors caused its weakening, useful douche. Alternating pouring hot and cold water increases blood flow to the penis, strengthens the nervous system, has a positive effect on the entire body. If you have problems with potency douche recommended taking just before intimacy. This simple water treatment has strong support men’s health.
Everyone knows that the human feet are acupressure points that are responsible for the normal functioning of the whole organism. Suffice it before sex to make a gentle massage of the entire surface of the feet stimulate the point, responsible for male potency. Massage can be replaced walking barefoot at home, in the yard, on the beach. You can also buy special massage slippers, and wear them instead of the usual room shoes.
Since ancient times used to restore erection herbs. Positively affect male sexual function herbal infusions made from nettle, horse chestnut, fennel, onion seeds, ginseng, and thyme. Drink to enhance the potency of herbs teas man can be, but to use to correct the problem medication drugs without a prescription is prohibited.
If a person has taken all measures and erection improvement has not occurred, it is necessary to reject the shame and visit the doctor. The skilled person will help the stronger sex to get rid of sexual dysfunction and again start to enjoy intimacy.