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Generic Viagra

For years, men have experienced erectile dysfunction-being unable to maintain or get an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse at one time or the other. Increase in cases like this has brought about the search for a cure to this health problem. This has led to several researches conducted by experts who were searching for a cure. Today a medication like the well-known Viagra has proven to solve this problem.

Viagra a drug which Pfizer Pharmaceuticals produces is the brand name given to the prescription medicine sildenafil used for treating e
rectile dysfunction. Sildenafil falls under a drug group called phosphodiestrase inhibitors; they work through causing increase in blood flow to the penis in the course of sexual action, these results in an erection. Nevertheless, there are studies to prove that Viagra won’t work if there isn’t any sexual stimulation. It was formally produced as a medication for treating hypertension and cardiovascular disease, till researchers discovered it causes erection. Today, Viagra popularity has grown globally. This great drug has restored excitement and passion back into the sex lives of individuals.

Viagra was approved in 1998 by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as the foremost medicine for the treatment of impotence (presently called erectile dysfunction). Sildenafil was approved for the treatment of PAH in 2005.
Revatio is also a brand of sildenafil usually used in treating pulmonary arterial hypertension likewise the improvement of exercise capacity in men and women. It is generally advisable not to consume Viagra while taking Revatio too, except you were instructed by your physician.

Generic Viagra is a notable cure discovered and used in the treatment of erectile Dysfunction (impotence). The Viagra generic drugs are produced by other manufacturers asides the brand owner with very much cheap costs. Generic Viagra presently is a globally recognized medicine for effectively treating erectile dysfunction. The Viagra pill (Sildenafil Citrate) appears almost same as the brand name Viagra in strength, safety, and dosage. The generic Viagra begins to work within one hour of its administration and has the capability to last up to 5 hours.

Today lots of natural Viagra pills are been sold online due to increased demand for Erectile Dysfunction treatments. Natural Viagra is a tittle ascribed to any natural medication of herbal product promoted as treating erectile dysfunction. There are lots of products marketed as natural Viagra, but having ingredients that are different. So far, there hasn’t been any scientific research or clinical tests to support or prove the efficiency of any of the components used in its production. Also some natural Viagra are identified to contain a “undisclosed drug ingredient” Also the United States Food and Drug Administration has released various warnings to consumers that there is a high chance of any sexual enhancement drug with claims of working exactly like prescription drug having contaminants. At best, the natural Viagra generic pills will have the same component as Viagra; nevertheless it will be in fewer quantities, thus making them obviously less effective. Some of the notable natural Viagra advertised are: Horny Goat Weed, Arginine, DHEA, Ginseng, Vitamins, Maca, Cordyceps, L-Tyrosine, and the Korean Red Ginseng.


How Long Does Viagra Last?

How long viagra lastThe lasting effects of the Viagra medicine vary with individuals and the Viagra dosage used. Viagra is believed to start functioning after about 30 minutes after taking the medicine. So also the length of time a Viagra dosage will last varies with individuals. Instances have been recounted of it lasting for about five hours once, when used together with sexual stimulation. Though, most men discover thatthe Viagra pill effect will begin to reduce after about 2 to 3 hours after consuming it. Various factors can affect how long the medicine will last in a person. Always disclose your health history to your doctor and seek his approval before you take any medicine. Other factors that can affect how long Viagra will last includes:

  • Diet
  • Age
  • Dosage
  • Drug interaction
  • Alcohol
  • State of health


Viagra for Women (Female Viagra)

So far, the FDA is yet to approve Viagra as a medicine for treating sexual dysfunction in women, though several studies have found out that it has the capability to enhance sexual arousal and libido in some women.A current research carried out by Dr. Jennifer Berman, director of the Female Sexual Medicine Center at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and the director of the Berman Center and a professor of OB-GYN and psychiatry at Northwestern University in Chicago, Laura Berman has discovered that Viagra the impotence medication for men Female Viagracouldhelp the sexual lives of women who take it just the way it has helped their male counterpart. The study lasted for 12 weeks with its focus on 202 post-hysterectomy or post-menopausal women who have complained of experiencing female sexual arousal dis order. The group of women who took sildenafil testified better overall sexual satisfaction in contrast to others who didn’t.

Nevertheless, a new pink drug which is called the “female Viagra” or “Viagra for women” with its brand name as Addyi has surfaced. The major chemical ingredient of this medicine is flibanserin. There have been arguments that this presumed female Viagra shouldn’t be called such as it has many differences when compared with the male Viagra. One of the major arguments is that while the male Viagra pill treats erectile dysfunction through the improvement of the blood flow to the penis, flibanserin is an anti-depressant which enhances s sexual desire through balancing of chemicals inside the brain. The major thing this drug treats is hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), which is mainly absence of libido that leads to distress.